“History of the Other Him” 

Photography, Plywoods, Fabrics.

Collaboration with Jean-Pascal Elbaz & Abe Poespo


“History of the Other Him”  is a collaborative artwork made by Abe Poespo (Film Costume Designer) and Jean-Pascal Elbaz (French manager based in Yogyakarta) along with Syaura Qotrunadha for “Inside/Outside Skin: Beyond Masculinity” group exhibition. They made 12 photograph installation series that represent male figure in western fashion industry through histories since early 1900-2016. The artwork itself presented in the form of interactive cubes installation that divided the full-body photos into three parts, head, body and legs. These parts of bodies could be rearranged and mixed with the other body parts from different eras to form a new figure. Audiences could freely touch and play with the artwork during the exhibition period.


1.   "HIM"

      26th January - 2nd February 2017

      Institut Français Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2. "Inside/Outside the Skin: Beyond Masculinity"

      28th September - 15th November 2016

      Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“The Omitted Narratives, 

The Gathered Memories" 

Photographs, Mural, Screenprinted Flag

Collaborative work with Venti Wijayanti & Agni Saraswati for Biennale Jogja XIII


The 1965 Event is a history remembrance narrative for a time stamp in Indonesia as the biggest communism massacre event in Indonesia which have killed more than three million people from every backgrounds without equitable reasoning. This event have big impact on Indonesia’s establishment as a country because it happens 20 years after the independence day and demolish one of highly intellectual generation in Indonesia. Until these days, the history itself has not been fully accepted as a part of Indonesian history.


In “Omitted Narratives, The Gathered Memories” Syaura Qotrunadha and Agni Saraswati, young generation artists, make works responding the 65’ issue particularly on the Dialita choir. Dialita is a choir group founded by 1965 women ex-political prisoners which been caught by new order military in the 1965 massacre event. Both artists live in distanced era from the event, they started the works by collecting survival memories of the ex-political prisoners who are already old right now. Few of the ex-political prisoners have a strong hope for this nation. This hope is continually built with the story telling of the silenced history in 1965. From losing parents, family members, and starting life from zero. Syaura and Agni try to respond to it by making works from the young generation’s perspective. They reinterpret the history of 65 with the rebirth on the young generation spirit.


1. "Biennale Jogja XIII Indonesia Meets Nigeria:

     Hacking Conflict"

     1st November - 10th December 2015

     Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


600 Van Dyke prints stopmotion.

Collaborative work KOPPI and Isidorus Shalom


“JOGED”  is a stopmotion video made of 600 Van Dyke oldprints. In 2014, Colorado Photographic Arts Center held an open application for alternative photography proccess works exhibition  that could be applied from all over the world. In this program Syaura participate in an old photography process team called KOPPI as Image Processor to make 600 frames of Van Dyke prints which accepted into the program and exhibited in “Alt+ Process” group exhibition.

Syaura Qotrunadha | Yogyakarta | Indonesia


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