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 Youth of Today 


 Youth of Today  is a two-month residency held by photography collective, MES56. First held in 2004, in 2014 Ruang MES 56 invited five young women from different places and activity backgrounds including Dinda Advena (photographer, traveler), Gisela Swaragita (musician, journalist), Natasha Gabriella Tontey (artist, designer), Syafiatudina (researcher), and Syaura Qotrunadha (artist, photographer). In this program they discussed about current cultural discourses, explored ideas and developed them into a work of art.


In this program final presentation, Syaura along with her friends made an interactive work called “Untitled“. “Untitled“ was presenting the solutions made by people from Syaura's generation to minimize generation gap between them and their next generation. In this work they form pedagogic installations completed with playbook, sound effect, photo-documentations and educative materials that they think will needed for 10-15 years in the future. The educative materials are adjusted for each proper stage of ages and installed in several different level, based on standards of human body heights.

Further reads:

Zakaria, Anang. 2014. “Menggali Kebaruan dari Kaum Muda: Generasi baru seni konseptual”. Jakarta: Koran Tempo

Ruang MES 56 official website