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 Lokananta Project  is a collective site-spesific project initiated by young artists, journalists, and designer along with Studio Lokananta to process, review, and rebrand the available archives of Studio Lokananta Surakarta. Studio Lokananta is the first Indonesia's government record company and have been abandoned for several decades since the collapse of the new order government. The company itself save many important audio visual archives from 50s-70s era that represent history of Indonesians as a whole nation from time to time. At the other hand, the archiving habit until nowadays still is an unsolved problem in Indonesia and mostly exists in the underground movements. This project tried to publish a legal music digital library ( and physical literature of Studio Lokananta.

In this project, Syaura took role as producer and writer. She observes and wrote about Lokananta’s artwork evolutions along with managing and running the project. The book itself being the first official literature about Lokananta that have been made by Indonesian since the company founded. Since then, many other Indonesian students started to give more attention by doing research for their bachelor or master degree and Lokananta themselves started to be more independent on running the company.

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