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Syaura Qotrunadha | Indonesia

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2022_Fragments of the Home

“Fragments of the Home” 

Video Installation

9-channel LED TV



1.  "WARTA #2"

      5th-19th July 2022

      Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“Fluidity of Future Machines” 

1-channel video 

13:03 mins


Full video link: here


1.  "Metamorphosis Metaverse"

      Jun 2022-2023

      Elektra Virtual Museum, Montreal, Canada

2.  "4th VH Award Virtual Ceremony"

      November - December 2021

      VH Award Website, Online screening

“The Fattest Land at the Fair” 

1-channel video 

12:13 mins


Full video link: by e-mail request


1.  "10x10: ME Culture/WE Society"

      6th - 15th October 2021

      KRF10x10 Official Web & Youtube, Online Screening

2.  "Julius Bär Next Generation Art Prize"

      30th April - June 2021

      Singapore Art Club & Julius Bär, Virtual Exhibition

3.  "Pause, Rewind, Forward#2"

      19th - 31st January 2021

      Kiniko Art Management, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

4. "Cur(e)ating the Earth, Shifting the Centre"

      Open link for public on August-November 2020

      Karya Normal Baru, Online Exhibition

“Astronot, Ruang Keluarga, dan Isi Dompet Warga Antah Berantah” 

1-channel video 

11:50 mins


Full video link: by e-mail request


1.  "Upwind Downtempo: On Sabbaticals and Discoveries"

      November - December 2021

      Gajah Gallery (Yogya Art Lab), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2.  "MANIFESTO VII Pandemi"

      August - September 2020

      National Gallery of Indonesia, Online Exhibition

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“DIALITA (Mixtrack)” 

Music Player on Carved Wood Package 

10 x 7 x 3,5 cm



1.  "Arisan Karya Edisi 2"

     25th June - 1st July 2020

     Museum MACAN, Jakarta, Indonesia

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“Merancang Kemasan untuk Lagu Dialita” 

Art workshop for public

Reinterpret songs into packages artwork



1.  "LiFES: Literature and Idea Festival 2019"

     19th October 2019

     Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia



Periodical Project

Collaboration with Testa Siregar, Azizi Al Majid,

Gerakan Seni Rupa Bogor, Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis


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1.  "On a Lighter Note"

     9th November 2017 - 5th January 2018

     Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2. "Nomad's Land Mobile Service

     with Azizi Al Majid"

     17th - 29th August 2018

     Travelling around Bandung

3. "Berdiam/Bertandang: Art for Refuge"

     21st - 27th September 2018

     National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

4. "Nomad's Land Mobile Service

     with Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis"

     20th - 23th September 2018

     Travelling around Jakarta

5. "Nomad's Land Mobile Service

     with Gerakan Seni Rupa Bogor"

     26th - 27th September 2018

     Travelling around Bogor

“History of the Other Him” 

Photography, Plywoods, Fabrics.

Collaboration with Jean-Pascal Elbaz & Abe Poespo



1.   "HIM"

      26th January - 2nd February 2017

      Institut Français Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2. "Inside/Outside the Skin: Beyond Masculinity"

      28th September - 15th November 2016

      Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“The Omitted Narratives, 

The Gathered Memories" 

Photographs, Mural, Screenprinted Flag

Collaborative work with Venti Wijayanti & Agni Saraswati



1. "Biennale Jogja XIII

     Indonesia Meets Nigeria: Hacking Conflict"

     1st November - 10th December 2015

     Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

logo lokproj putih.png

“Lokananta Project” 

Site-specific Project

Collaboration with Ayos Purwaji, Fakhri Zakaria, Dzulfikri Putra Malawi,

Bayu Pratama, and Yerikho Naektua


further reads: click here


600 Van Dyke prints stopmotion.

Collaborative work KOPPI and Isidorus Shalom



1. "Alt+ Process"

     10th July – 23rd August 2014

     Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, USA