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Syaura Qotrunadha | Yogyakarta | Indonesia

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 @sambunghambar  is a project made by Testa Siregar and Syaura Qotrunadha, two bored fine art photography students that live apart in different countries. @sambunghambar started as the medium for them to play exquisite corpse and connected by instagram’s hashtag so everyone can freely join to play. After a while, instagram changed their layout on hashtag preview. This event triggered them to start to make their own @sambunghambar account and to develop further the concept of making the offline version of @sambunghambar. 

Currently, this offline project is running by Syaura as an interactive parody figures with installation and video works with participatory activities which talks about forgotten histories and poor education system in Indonesia. The first offline project allows audiences to apply for their own Sambunghambar Repooblik's Identity Card (Cartao Tandha Pendatang) that made from recycled thesis papers with original version of loanwords from other countries that still used in Indonesia as daily language. These loanwords were always taught in school to be memorized and written  properly in Indonesian version in every generation until the highest formal degree.

The main idea of @sambunghambar is still implemented in this project by connecting several ideas into one abstract form that could open any further interdiciplinary collaborations to process broader ideas.

Nomad's Land (Offline Project)

Installation, Interactive Performance, and Multimedia

Variable Dimension

Nomad's Land Mobile Service (Offline Project)

Modified pickup car, Installation, Interactive Performance, and Multimedia

Variable Dimension

 * Travelling around Bandung (with Azizi Al Majid) , Jakarta (with Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis) , and Bogor (GSRB Collective) 


1.  "On a Lighter Note"

     9th November 2017 - 5th January 2018

     Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2. "Nomad's Land Mobile Service

     with Azizi Al Majid"

     17th - 29th August 2018

     Travelling around Bandung

3. "Berdiam/Bertandang: Art for Refuge"

     21st - 27th September 2018

     National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

4. "Nomad's Land Mobile Service

     with Klub Karya Bulu Tangkis"

     20th - 23th September 2018

     Travelling around Jakarta

5. "Nomad's Land Mobile Service

     with Gerakan Seni Rupa Bogor"

     26th - 27th September 2018

     Travelling around Bogor

Syaura Qotrunadha

Nomads Land Mobile Service in Bandung with Azizi Al Majid

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